Monday, May 21, 2018

Trace Erase Skill Packs – The key to your child’s success!

While the Trace Erase Board is by itself a gateway to learning and fun, the key to its success comes with the use of our developmentally targeted skill packs. The skill packs were designed specifically by an elementary school teacher to ensure maximum skills reinforcement at age appropriate levels. Each Trace Erase level has a total of 18 fun filled activity skill packs, that can be purchased individually or as a set. Trace Erase starter packs will engage your child's thirst for learning by providing a sampling of three skill packs along with a Trace Erase Board set. You can also choose to start assembling your own skill pack library by purchasing them one at a time by skill set, or realize maximum savings by acquiring the complete line with a Trace Erase Board set in our Puppy and Kitty Complete Packs. Whether purchasing one or eighteen, you can be confident that Trace Erase Skill Packs will keep your child engaged in dynamic, educational play while having a ball!

Pre-K "Puppy" Products

Trace Erase created our "Puppy Level" to meet the developmental needs of preschool-aged children. These children are eager to learn and learn from their play. They learn by experiencing and by doing. The Trace Erase Puppy Series makes learning fun, with adorable characters and challenging activities!

Numbers Sizes
Weights Colors
Distances Positions

Kindergarten "Kitty" Products

Trace Erase designed our “Kitty Level” to meet the needs of kindergarten-aged children. At this age, children rapidly develop the ability to express themselves. This is important for their success in school. Your kindergartener will learn to grasp tracking skills, language skills, letters, numbers and more, The fun design of the board also allows your kindergartener plenty of room for creative free play and self-expression!

Tracking Tracing
Letters Numbers
Counting Matching
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