Monday, May 21, 2018

There’s nothing like repetitive practice!

While technology advances at an ever rapid pace, and the selection of high tech toy options available to parents become mind boggling, we at Trace Erase know that video games are no substitute for the development of essential hand/eye coordinated learning and reasoning skills. Can’t you just hear your teacher saying “practice, practice, practice”? The Trace Erase Board gets your child “back to basics” by being the 21st century answer to the good old fashioned classroom slate boards.

The Trace Erase Board is an acrylic faced tablet that allows your child to mark directly on the surface with a dry erase marker and erase their work with a soft cloth. The Trace Erase Board has a space between the back board and acrylic face where activity sheets or “skill packs” with tracing activities printed right on them, can be inserted, allowing your child to practice the activity, erase their work, practice again or move on to the next activity, all while maintaining the integrity of the skill pack for further use and practice. There are two levels of age appropriate Trace Erase Boards and Skill Packs, designed to engage your child in hours of enjoyment and creative play.

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